Calton Road Billboards

Opposite the Calton Road entrance to Waverley Station, Calton Road Billboards will host the work of Francis Dosoo for this year's festival edition.

Previously used as the site of Tam Joseph’s Hand Made Map of the World for Edinburgh Art Festival 2014, Calton Road Billboards will host a new triptych of photographic work by Dosoo in collaboration with photographer Kamilya Kuspanova, accompanied by text titled, What is behind the Saint’s eyes, when they look through tears to the altar? as part of this year’s Associate Artist Programme What happens to desire… curated by Tako Taal.


21 Calton Rd, EH8 8DL

0131 226 6558

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  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Bike Stand

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Leith Street

Calton Road Billboards
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Calton Road Billboards

21 Calton Rd, EH8 8DL